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Volume 40 | Number 1 | Winter 2014
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Volume 40 | Number 1 | Winter 2014

With this issue, the magazine commences its fortieth year of publication. To celebrate this milestone, over the next four issues we will feature articles solicited primarily from members of our Editorial Advisory Board, and our columns will take a retrospective look at four decades of scholarship, legal issues and collecting trends in American Indian art.

12  Books

14  Galleries

18  Auction Block
by Harmer Johnson 

26  Museums

34  Sitting Bull: A Hunkpapa Lakota Warrior Chronicles His Life of Dauntless Courage
by Ron McCoy
Examines the surviving autobiographical drawings—depicting religious experiences, war deeds and personal triumphs—made by the Hunkpapa Lakota warrior, holy man and chieftain Sitting Bull.

46  Masterpieces of the Mind: Dorset Miniatures from Igloolik, Nunavut
by J. C. H. King
Discusses a collection of Paleo-Eskimo artifacts—now at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, England—within the cultural and historical context of Canada’s Nunavut Territory in the mid-1900s.

56  The Pots that Launched a Revolution
(or at Least a Revival)
by David S. Schramm
Provides new evidence showing that the Sikyatki revival in Hopi and Hopi-Tewa pottery began in the early 1880s—much earlier than previously recognized—and confirms that the potter Nampeyo was its progenitor.

70  Wampum from Early European Collections, Part 2: Cuffs, Bags and More 
by Christian Feest
Considers some early examples of the Native-made currency known as wampum—in the form of cuffs, bags and other unique forms—that are found in numerous museum collections.

82  Calendar of Winter Events

88  Legal Briefs
by Ron McCoy
NAGPRA Repatriation Updates

94  Advertiser Index

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