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Volume 40 | Number 2 | Spring 2015
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Volume 40 | Number 2 | Spring 2015

To continue our celebration of the magazine’s fortieth year of publication, this issue features articles by members of our Editorial Advisory Board, as well as columns that look back at four decades of scholarship, legal issues and collecting trends in American Indian art.

14 Galleries

20 Auction Block
by Harmer Johnson

26 Books

32 Museums

38 Dennis Cusick—A Tuscarora Artist at Seneca Mission: Missionary Propaganda and American Vernacular Culture, 1820–1822
by Janet Catherine Berlo
Examines the work of Tuscarora artist Dennis Cusick within two contexts: the extraordinarily active mission societies operating in the United States in the 1820s, and American vernacular culture, where images and objects circulated across boundaries of gender, race, class and culture.

52 Honoring the Bird People:
Three Hundred Years of Navajo Bird Art

by Susan Brown McGreevy and Harry Walters
In Navajos’ worldview, birds are considered sacred. This survey of avian art reveals Navajo artists’ abiding interest in, and deep appreciation of, the bird life that can be observed throughout their Southwestern homeland.

58 The Use of Plant Fibers
in Plains Indian Embroidery

by Candace S. Greene
Examines the utilization of adjunct materials employed in the embroidery art of Plains Indian women and explores possible identifications of the plant fibers used both in conjunction with porcupine quills and as sole embroidery materials.

72 Hybrid Vigor: The Transmission of Indigenous Inuit Art Forms in the Age of Globalization
by Molly Lee
Discusses the pivotal role played by non-Native entrepreneurs in the development of postcontact Inuit art forms, and highlights how art forms that once traveled by diffusion are today at the beck and call of globalization.

86 Legal Briefs
by Ron McCoy
Repatriation of Cultural Objects

88 Calendar of Spring Events

94 Advertiser Index

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