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Volume 40 | Number 4 | Autumn 2015
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Volume 40 | Number 4 | Autumn 2015

17  Galleries

22  Auction Block
by Harmer Johnson

30  Museums

36  Calendar of Autumn Events

40  A Note from the Publisher

42  The Bluecloud Dolls of Granite Falls:
A Dakota Story

by Marcia G. Anderson and Herb Dorr
Examines the provenance and characteristics of some Native American dolls of the northern Plains, specifically those of the authentically garbed cloth-body dolls attributed to Dakota dollmaker Rebecca Bluecloud, a number of which are in the Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul.

48  Quilled Trapezoidal Pouches from the
Western Great Lakes Region

by Sylvia S. Kasprycki
This first major study of trapezoidal pouches, based on a sample of twenty-two extant pieces, discusses their collection histories, construction, materials and motifs, and compares them to similar bags, as well as to other quilled items.

64  David Longstreet: White Mountain Apache Scout and Master Tailor
by Alan Ferg
Recounts the career of David Longstreet, a highly accomplished maker of traditional buckskin clothing, including girls’ puberty dresses and men’s shirts, and presents a suite of attributes that can aid researchers in identifying his work.

76  Early Northeastern Collections at the
Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa

by Ruth B. Phillips and Janet M. Davidson
Examines a small but important collection of early contact-period material from northeastern North America, which was originally acquired by European military personnel, and discusses the way in which these objects eventually arrived in Wellington, New Zealand.

94  Books

104  Legal Briefs
by Ron McCoy
Closing the Circle

110  Advertiser Index

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